Snow Removal Plowing Service Agreement Contract Templates and Quotation Forms

SNOW-TRACTS™ - COMPLETE SYSTEM PACKAGE is a snow industry contract and documentation package consisting of five templates that are easily customized to fit your needs and market brand, a simple system that covers everything from quoting to service and subcontractor agreements. Four service structures are included within the SNOW-TRACTS templates: Per Inch, Per Event, Hourly, and Seasonal.

The five templates included in the COMPLETE SYSTEM PACKAGE are:

1) On-Site Consultation Form: for your sales representatives to use while meeting with potential clients on properties. The design and format of this form follows field-by-field with all the other templates in our system to ensure the necessary specifications are documented. This form is a must-have for on-site consultations when communicating completion times, levels of service, triggers, etc. with your clients.

2) Quick Quotation Form: to quickly present to your prospective clients in a clean, quick and simple format. Since our Service Agreement template is a very detailed 7-8 pages, we found it helpful for our clients to review only the one-page quotation first. This way, they can review the pricing very quickly without having to navigate through the service details while in the pricing phase. A second major benefit is that it helps keep the 7-8 page service agreement out of the hands of your competitors. We’ve all heard of that sneaky property manager who shares all their gathered snow proposals with their buddy contractor and none of us want that.

3) Service Agreement: is our flagship template into which all of the other templates connect. The service agreement is a 7-8 page template that begins with an introduction explaining what the agreement covers. Next, there's the pricing page that breaks down each service bracket along with the applicable price. The following two pages covers the completion times and all the service specifications and triggers that you and your client agreed upon. The next two pages detail the terms and conditions. Lastly there's the signature page with the payment terms.

4) Sub-Contractor Agreement: is directly connected to our service agreement. This template is used in two ways. One way you can use it is as an agreement with your hourly subcontractors and it works great. The primary use is for when you’re subcontracting an account out to another snow company 100%. In other words, most larger snow contractors have accounts in certain areas of their city that they have other snow companies’ service for them. You will use this template to pass along the exact completion times, specifications, and terms and conditions that you agreed upon with your client directly to the subcontractor. No more verbal discussions to your subs about what the client wants or doesn’t want. Your subcontractor will be legally tied into the account under the exact same specifications you are. There will be no grey areas to dispute; it will all be in writing.

5) Change In Scope Form: you will use when your client calls you in the middle of the winter and says “Oh my gosh, we’re getting way too many snow bills! You’ve got to cut back service and only take care of our account after we get X amount inches of snow or ice.” This is when you present your client with the Change in Scope Form that will show your client all the specifications they originally agreed upon and requires them to fill in what they want to change the specifications to. Lastly, they must initial each one then agree that you’re not liable for any issues / accidents that arise because of these changes.



"After looking around on the internet for a more professional snow removal sales process we came across "Snow-Tracts", we decided to purchase it and could not be happier.  It is the most complete, professional and cost effective system we could find.  The system has allowed us to streamline our entire sales process and turn out more complete bids in a much quicker time frame.  The presentation to the client is the most professional format on the market.  We highly recommend the the system to large or small snow contractors."
— Mike C., Rivers West Landscaping

"SNOW-TRACTS is by far the best overall package that I've seen for snow contract templates. The system covers everything that a snow business needs for presenting quotes, creating client contracts and sub-contractor agreements. My favorite agreement is the Change In Scope form because even though we would get changes in writing, there often seemed to be grey areas in discussions about the EXACT changes with our clients. Overall, I think the price is very reasonable and I would recommend the Complete System to any snow business owner, large and small."
— R. Blase, American Snow and Ice Management

"Snow-Tracts has improved our business in ways I could never imagine. It enabled us to secure higher quality accounts and has helped reduce our liability in a business that's like "playing with fire", as my attorney says!"
— N. W., Commercial Contractor

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